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Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M) is becoming widely accepted as a great way for many people seeking complimentary ways to treat injuries and general health conditions. T.C.M approaches a person as a whole, addressing both the symptoms and any underlying constitutional imbalances often at the root of the problem.(C.P.T) uses a range of techniques in treating sprains, pulls, muscle tears, nerve damage and non specific aches and pains. Sometimes referred to as “Chinese Physiotherapy” or “Chinese Sports Medicine” it is a complete school of traditional medicine developed to treat all injuries, sports specific injuries and provide rehabilitation and recovery. C.P.T. aims to restore balance and health of the patient utilising skills developed specifically for effective treatment of orthopaedic or muscular skeletal injury.Included in the treatment regimes are Chinese Massage (Tui Na), advanced Tui Na, which takes massage to a new level and includes gentle but effective manipulation of the skeletal system to ensure correct body alignment. Acupuncture is a key component of treatment and provides a fantastic way to compliment the more physical aspects of treatment. But don’t worry, if you’re afraid of needles the Acupuncture can be replaced by using Deep Tissue Massage and / or Traditional Chinese Cupping.
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