Fettle Bio Products

Fettle Bio Products is a Chennai based biotech company specializing in nutritional supplements using natural ingredients. As the name suggests, we aim to make our customers healthy and help them live a disease-free life. We put life into age-old remedies that our grandparents grew up with, but have now fallen out of fashion. Some of our dietary supplements have been prepared from everyday kitchen ingredients like ginger, garlic, lemon, and honey.

Our range of health food supplements include CRF or cardiac risk free health drink, homemade health mix for babies. The sathumaavu for babies aka health mix powder for babies is branded as First Bowl and is sold in 4 different flavors, viz. ragi, raw banana, ragi with added moong, and rich rice

Our motto is simple and straightforward… ‘Say no to anglioplasty, say no to bypass!

For more information about our products and read customer reviews, visit https://fettlebioproducts.com

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