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Perth's tap water is terrible. And it is getting worse every year because water suppliers are under pressure to process more seawater and calcium-filled groundwater to provide water for our growing population. Now tap water is loaded with minerals (calcium and magnesium), and with purifying chemicals like chlorine - which also produces potentially dangerous chemicals called trihalomethanes. For many people, bathing in hard, chlorine-filled water causes dermatitis, dandruff and dry flaky skin. Others may get eczema or even non-genetic hair loss. For some, thyroid issues may become aggravated. EnviroClear Water Filters are Australian engineered and built for Australian conditions. They are based on revolutionary filtration technology trusted by Perth's newest major adult and children's hospitals, but now made affordable for family use. EnviroClear's powerful filters make home water safer than bottled drinking water. Hot steamy shower water is completely chlorine and calcium free, preventing skin, lungs, blood and vital organs from absorbing potentially dangerous chemicals. Showerscreens, basins, taps and tiles no longer need endless scrubbing to remove calcium scale as the calcium is removed at the water mains BEFORE entering the home. Dishwashers, evaporative air conditioners, hot water systems and washing machines all last up to three times longer due to the purified water quality (eg. a new hot water system now lasts up to 15-20 years, instead of only 7-10 years, saving thousands in replacement costs). And all water-bourne viruses and bacteria are killed before they reach the tap. EnviroClear backs the quality of their filter systems with the industry's most generous warranties: A comprehensive 10-Year parts AND labour warranty, including a 12-month 100% money back satisfaction guarantee on every system installed. EnvioClear's filters have been protecting Australians for over 30 years.

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110 Hay St, Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia, 6008
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