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EnergyWise Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help you with all your energy efficiency needs. As a locally owned and operated Heating and Air Conditioning company, we will exceed our customers’ expectations. At EnergyWise we share the common goal of improving the performance of your heating and air conditioning system(s) as well as the comfort level of your home. Our mission; To provide our community with a company created on integrity and professionalism. We are led by a moral compass, driven with a servant’s heart and desire to exceed our client’s expectations. Our promise is that until you are satisfied, we are not!
With a combined over 38 years’ experience In the HVAC industry, we have the experience you need. We take pride in striving to be the best Heating and Air Conditioning company in the Covington, GA area. Tired of contractor’s not showing up or not returning your phone call? We feel like most companies have lost the desire to truly serve the customer. Let us serve your family or business the way it used to be done. Respectfully, honestly and in a timely manner. Spending our time, energy and money ensures that our employees are trained above industry standards. They also possess exceptional character. Our belief is that if we wouldn’t trust them in our homes, then why would we send them to yours?
We specialize in Heating and Air Conditioning Repairs, Maintenance and Installations. At EnergyWise we can test your Heating and Air Conditioning system for optimal performance and suggest ways to increase the productivity and efficiency of your system. We can also show you a side-by-side comparison of a new HVAC system compared to your existing one. This will give you an overview of the energy you can save on a monthly basis.

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1119 Church Street, Suite E, Covington, Georgia, United States, 30014
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