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Dr Auto Lock - Erie

"Getting locked out of your vehicle can be a frustrating, and often a scary experience. You are stranded and unable to get where you need to go. The situation can be made even more uncomfortable if it happens at night, while it's cold, or if you are traveling with small children. If you are in the Erie, Pennsylvania, area and need lockout service, contact Dr. Auto Lock.Dr. Auto Lock is a full-service locksmith serving the Erie and Hermitage, Pennsylvania, areas. The company was founded in 1995 by A.J. Ficcardi. For nearly 15 years before starting his locksmith business, A.J. worked as an auto mechanic specializing in lockout services. He also worked alongside his local police department helping motorists get back on the road after having been locked out of their vehicles. When cars started using transponder keys and it became more difficult for motorists to get back into their vehicles after being locked out, A.J. decided to create Dr. Auto Lock.Today, Dr. Auto Lock continues to serve stranded and locked out motorists by offering 24-hour locksmith and car key replacement services. In addition to helping you get back in your vehicle and on the road, the company can also provide you with residential and commercial locksmith services. So whether you have been locked out of your home or you need the locks on the door of your business changed, Dr. Auto Lock will be there to help and you get back to your life.If you are in need of locksmith services for your car, home, or business, call (814) 838-5625. For more information about the Dr. Auto Lock brand, visit the website today."

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