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Dissertation Topics

Dawson Trotman once said that the greatest amount of wasted time is expended on not getting started.

It's definitely true when it comes to the average student preparing to write their dissertation. Most of the time, the student struggles to get started because they can't come up with the right topic. And it's a problem that isn't going away. After all, there are practically millions of different topics and angles to choose from. Choosing one that works is often just a process of picking something and hoping it works.

With any topic, you have to make sure you have the right amount of knowledge and some contextual insight.

Stop delaying everything. The clock is ticking and the sands of time are starting to run out. With the deadline getting closer, it's time to make a start. According to homeworkhelp experts the average dissertation will take you a few weeks to complete. You should expect to spend a few days on research alone and another few days on interpreting the sources you've come up with.

Early delays make it more likely you'll rush your work and get a poor mark as a result. If you want to succeed, it's time to pick a subject and pick it now.

How Should You Choose Your Topic?

Pick a topic by what you're interested in. If you lack interest, it's going to be a struggle every step of the way. It impacts your rate of work, quality of writing, and overall performance. It makes sense to like the topic if you're going to be spending so long on it.

Also, choose a topic that allows you to focus without being too focused. Ok, that sounds confusing. Let's put it another way. A dissertation is designed to be a niche study, but you need sufficient enough material to cover the word count. It should be concentrated enough to make a clear point, but wide enough to not present problems filling in the word count later on.

Originality is something you should aim for. A lot of topics might seem simple, but they've been done so many times you can't realistically add anything new to it. And this won't win you any points with the examiner.

Think outside the box. Start by coming up with a topic you like, regardless of whether it's been done before. If it's been done before, try to think of an alternate angle. Look at the opposite side of the argument and concentrate on the other side. Search for a close variation on the subject area.

According to the experts from management help it doesn't have to be a completely unique topic. As long as you have an original approach, you'll fulfil this piece of criteria.

If you're truly finding it difficult to come up with a worthwhile topic, though, get in touch with us. Our professionals are waiting to lend you a hand.

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