Dealbay FZ-LLC

DEALBAY FZ-LLC is an online auctioning and selling website, based in Dubai, UAE. The company is held privately, founded in 2007 and is located within Dubai's Internet City

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Similar to other online auction websites, such as the American platform Ebay, Dealbay offers standard buying and selling features. Unlike other online auction websites though, it was originally designed for the UAE market and its residents, both nationals and expatriates. Currently Dealbay charges no fees for selling and buying items through the website. The sale of certain items, such as alcohol, drugs, firearms, live animals and pornography, is prohibited.

The website uses a feedback system to protect the platform's users from unreliable sellers. It also runs a general messageboard, where members can participate in discussions on a variety of topics. 

Recent additions compose of Dealbay's Partnershop concept. Participants receive individual support, a dedicated category in the name of their company, free advertising options and the guarantee of linited competition.

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Dealbay FZ-LLC, Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
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