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“I admire my youthful days” This is a common phrase amongst older people because the body is normally very stable in the early 20s or late teens. On top of the great feeling, the look is also amazing at this age. The skin glows and the weight is as recommended by health specialists. But can you roll back your age? It is not possible but at least you can do something to get a youthful feeling. Eager to know what the thing is? Cryoskin does exactly that and that is why people living in Rapid City and Spearfish have something to celebrate.
Working of Cryoskin
The idea behind cryoskin is the destruction of unwanted cells and all this is done by a handheld electronic device that optimizes temperature. A complete session can take a duration of between 20 to 40 minutes. It is important to note that the skin is first heated and the temperatures can go as high as 40 degrees Celsius. The heating is done for approximately 4 minutes and then what follows is a cold therapy which can go as low as -8 degrees Celsius. Cold therapy takes approximately 24 minutes.
Exposing the skin to cold destroys the unwanted tissues without affecting the surrounding cells. The safety property makes Cryoskin treatment a great alternative for people seeking this treatment.
Another reason why Rapid City and Spearfish residents like Cryoskin treatment is the process is painless. Some procedures that focus on destroying unwanted tissues can be very painful and nobody loves going through pain.
treatment is very friendly and many compare it to a massage and not only a massage but a gentle one. You could be wondering where the destroyed cells go. Well, they are drained into the lymphatic system and all this happens naturally. Depending on what you want to achieve duration may differ but in many cases two weeks works. It is important having all the sessions as guided by your therapist to have the best result. Will this treatment work for a few days and then the condition is back? Reports from past cases show that the treatment gives permanent solutions especially if the recommended lifestyle is adopted.
The three Primary cryoskin treatments
Cryoskin Slimming
This treatment takes the longest time because it undergoes three steps or phases. The process begins with high temperatures, freezing, and then rising temperatures again. The recommended duration for the entire process is 28 minutes. All this aims at destroying unwanted cells that are later drained into the lymphatic system. For best results, a duration of two weeks is recommended.
2. Cryoskin Toning
The focus of this treatment is to increase the blood circulation of the target cells. This is achieved through the use of cold that can go as low as -2 degrees’ census. For the best result, the treatment should be done for approximately 2 minutes. Due to the removal of cellulite and the addition of collagen, the skin condition is improved significantly.
3. Cryoskin facial
The secret behind the working of this approach is increased collagen production. Collagen determines skin elasticity a determining factor of wrinkles and pores. For the best result, the treatment should be done for approximately 20 minutes.
Is Cryoskin a Safe Treatment?
Cryoskin is completely safe unless you are living with other conditions such as severe diabetes, circulation issues, or cancer. Pregnant women may also be affected by the treatment and therefore it is important to see your doctor if you have any of those conditions. If you are a healthy person living in Rapid City or Spearfish, you can book Cryoskin session anytime and enjoy the treatment.
After how long should I see a change?
When having a cryoskin treatment you will feel relaxed because it is like a gentle massage. But remember the end goal is to destroy unwanted cells. This process can take several days because it involves destroying and draining the damaged tissues into the lymphatic system. In many cases, the results will be noticed in 2 to 3 weeks but more changes can occur in the following months depending on the adopted lifestyle. To quicken the drainage process lymphatic drainage techniques can be used. Also remember we have three primary cryoskin treatments and each has a different timeline to show results.
For example, Cryofacial may show results from the first day because collagen production is boosted almost immediately.
The duration may also be determined by your consistency with your sessions. It is important to be loyal to the appointments you have with your therapist to ensure all unwanted tissues are removed from the body.
Ready for Cryoskin Treatments in Rapid City and Spearfish?
Graceful Touch is always ready to brighten the lives of people living in its surroundings and beyond. Why are you not smiling when you look in the mirror because of wrinkles and we have a solution? Why are you ashamed of unwanted weight and we can help? Remember cryoskin is safe for healthy people and therefore you don’t have a reason to fear the process. Our staff are professionals and friendly and will guide you through the process to ensure you understand what Cryoskin Cryotherapy is all about. Our primary focus is providing personalized care and service to each client. All our services are affordable meaning we restore your pride without breaking the bank.

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