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"It's natural to wonder what God has in store for your future when life doesn't turn out according to plan. This curiosity led 11 individuals from Cincinnati, OH, to launch Crossroads Church as a space to cultivate a better understanding of personal faith. Since opening its doors in 1996, the interdenominational church has provided a friendly environment to discuss perceptions and questions about God's presence in an individual's life.The staff at Crossroads Church hasalways aimed to presenta meaningful conversation about God's ultimate plan. The basic concept of the church was to create a non-judgmental space where everyday people have the freedom to define what God means to them. Their openness to an honest exchange of ideas is why the number of parishioners attending their Saturday and Sunday worship sessions has continued to grow.As an integral member of the Cincinnati community for over 20 years, Crossroads Church considers it theirobligation to spread the word of God. To inspire a larger number of people to join the conversation, theybreak down the divine message in simpler, everyday language. They seek the message of love and forgiveness from the sacrifice the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, made to absolve His faithful disciples of sin.The local church's mission is to spread the biblical truth as far and wide as possible. Their adherence to the “ABCDERG� principles—authenticity, biblical truth, culturally current communication, doing life together, excellence, reproduction, and growth—shows their devotion tomaintaining the purity of the biblical message.With the goal to help parishioners do right by their faith, Crossroads Church emphasizes excellence of character to reach out and nurture the message's growth. For further information about the Bible study and weekend worship programs at this interdenominational church, call (513) 731-7400 or visit their website."

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3500 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, 45209
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