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Like many things that help peoples relationships, couples therapy has a habit of sounding appallingly unromantic, involving patience, gruelling work and a host of embarrassing conversations about matters it would be much nicer never to have to think about – let alone discuss with a partner and a trained stranger. This doesn't have to be the case at Counselling Service Wilmslow. The company has highly trained practitioners of relationship, couples and marriage therapists.

Counselling encourages a far wiser response: standing well back from first impulses, neutralising them through understanding and where possible rerouting them in less self-punishing and more trusting directions. There are a number of vital things people might learn in couples therapy: – For a start, in a quiet room, couples finally have the chance to define what we feel the problems in the relationship really are – without things immediately degenerating into shouting, sulking or cynical avoidance.

People normally far too cross with, or upset by, a partner to be able to share with them, in a way they’d understand, what they so angry and upset about.

Relationship and partner therapists or counselling experts are skilled at teasing out from people, why what bothers them. Normally, left to their own devices, people don’t unearth the emotional meaning behind their positions. People squabble about where to go on the weekend, rather than explaining what exactly going out or staying in represents for them internally.

What does it feel like, a good therapist will ask, to hear your partner explain how it is for them when you take care of each other. A remarkable idea comes to the fore; that this isn’t really our enemy, that they – like everybody – have some very bad ways of getting across what are, at heart, some very understandable and touching needs.

Couples therapy is a classroom where people can learn how to love. Everyone is normally so embarrassed at not having the first clue how to do so, leave things until they are too angry or despairing to do anything but hate. The most hopeful and therefore romantic thing they can ever do in love is sometimes to declare that they haven’t yet learned how to love – but, with a little help, are very keen to learn one day.

Counselling Service Wilmslow offers professional couples counselling with qualified psychiatrists that can benefit people at all stages of their relationships. It is not just relationship counselling that is on offer! CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help people with stress, depression or anxiety is also available.

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