Buttons NY - Sound - Post - Production - Space

Buttons customers are attracted to our innovative and practical uses of digital audio technology that provide them with great sound, high volume delivery, and rapid production at aggressive budgets. They basically get great service for a great price, by accepting Rich Macar’s digital audio innovation. Work examples include projects for Calvin Kline, USA Network, Nickelodeon, and Warner Brothers.Buttons was founded as results of the opportunities unveiled from the digital audio evolution of the eighties. For example, in 1986 Rich took the first Synclayier into Sound One to produce sound for major motion pictures, and a few years later became the East coast digital audio specialist representing Spectral Synthesis’ Audio Engine, the first 16 track digital multi-track. Upon establishing our present location of the past 13 years, buttons has enjoyed building long term loyal customer relationships, in a collaborative partnering approach as a member of our client’s creative team. Customers find working with Buttons a positive and rewarding experience. They enjoy a down-home comfortable and artistic experience of many amenities and considerations. This lead to our largest project, launching Pokemon, the hit series, delivering 52 episodes in 6 months. We continue to break unfounded ground in the audio post industry, and continue to attract customers of Advertising, Television, Corporate, Editorial, and Independent production companies. Buttons has always had the courage to risk investing in high quality technologies, being the first deploy many innovative offerings that are standard today. Buttons believes in a combined creative and technical editorial process, utilizing each and every digital option available within seconds for our customers’ experience. We use a spirit of discovery that is focused on the strategic goals of the campaign with an effective entertainment-information balance in our audio designs. Our focus on more creative options as well as more attention to effective results and rapid deliveries give us a competitive edge. Our independence allows us rapid response to clients’ wants and fast adaption of new digital technologies. Our energy is dedicated to new methods utilizing digital media to engage our clients’ audience, increasing the target audience's effective engagement for our clients’ ultimate success. Our Promise: we will exceed your expectations.