Brushless DC motor on is a type of electric motor that does not use brushes. Its working voltage is dc 12v/24v/36v/48v/72v/96v, the size is nema 23/nema 32/nema 34/nema 42/nema 52/nema 72, and the power ranges from 50w to 8000w. All brushless DC motors on are equipped with corresponding motor controllers, which can freely control the speed of the motor and the way of rotation (forward/reverse). In addition, adding gear to the brushless DC motor becomes a bldc gear motor, which can increase the torque range of the brushless DC motor and achieve wider applications. Brushless DC motors are commonly used in Household, Automotive, Electric Tools, Industrial Control, etc. Washing machines, central air conditioners, and electric curtains in our homes have gradually begun to use BLDC motors. Commonly used hand-held electric tools, such as the motor inside the electric drill, are also brushless DC motors. Brushless DC motors are very extensive in the field of industrial control. Almost all sophisticated control systems are using brushless DC motors. Gallery

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