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You can  OWN a JDPP Storefront Website that offers 5 different Product Lines ( 50 Products) Plus Benefits for a mere 50 CENTS a day!!! You can probably find that much in your couch! That's Just $14 a month to Own a Storfront! JDPP is A Member of The BBB!          YOU get a JDPP Storefront Website, 2 bags of JDPP products of YOUR CHOICE each month to help promote your business by introducing others to some of your products.         YOU can PRINT your OWN Business Cards FREE as well as Flyers, Letterhead, Envelopes and Order Forms.         No Inventory! JDPP takes care of all shipping via UPS.   Around the end of each month YOU will recieve YOUR 2 bags of JDPP product choice in order to help you promote your business.       Earn Commission! On the first of each month, commissions are calculated and a CHECK via US Mail issued to you based on sales from your storefront.      You will get a Back Office where you can change the way YOUR storefront appears to others by going to your account, edit, change to Opprotunities, Products, Company, ect. as well as access your FREE Marketing Tools such as the free business cards, ect. You will have events posted there where you can attend or invite others to the JDPP conference calls. And I as your personal sponsor will give additional support as I have some splendid ideas to help you in building your business, and if you'd would like to do your OWN conference calls, I have a conference room that you are more than welcome to use.      You will have the opprotunity to own your own storefront home business ABSOLUTELY AND TOTALLY FREE! I'll explain that in a moment, first let's talk about some of the products that you'll be offering.      Your JDPP Storefront Website will offer All Natural, Low-Fat, High Protien Jerky in 28 flavors to choose from processed from the worlds finest cattle, buffalo and turkey, seasoned with our secret spices and slowly smoked in the USDA Smoke House to perfection. This line also offers fruit stix.       Omega Derma Theraphy Skin Care including Cleansing Pads, Green Tea Bar Soap, Buffing Creme', Repairing Gel, Silk Serium, Moisturizers, which are all Toxic-Free. this line also offers a Radiant Rose Mist as well as Collections. Request Your Toxic-Free Brochure today    Vitamins & Supplements including an ENERGY BOOSTER & COLESTEROL BUSTER, Krill 3 Oil which is great for joint pain and inflammation! Anti-dixands and more!    Personal Care- Hand & Body Lotion, Shampoo & Conditioner    Home Care- Engage Industrial Strength Cleaning Products- All Purpose Cleaner(details about products on the website), Organic Highly Concentrated Laundry Detergent which is color-safe and works in all temperatures as well as an Engage Stain Pen that works on the spot and can be used as a pre-wash    Now that we have covered Some of the products, let's talk about how YOU can OWN a TOTALLY FREE home business and more! This is something that is NOT REQUIRED, however, since YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS, IT IS TOTALLY UP TO YOU how much money you would like to make and how BIG you want to build YOUR BUSINESS. If you can recruit just 6 people under YOUR Storefront, YOU will recieve a FREE Storefront Website Home Business, 2 bags of JDPP products of YOUR CHOICE each month to help build your business by introducing others to some of your products, the FREE Business Cards, Order Forms and more FREE, FREE Marketing Tools & Support, leaving you an ABSOLUTELY & TOTALLY FREE HOME BUSINESS and all commissions in PURE PROFIT!  Until then it will cost you a mere 50 CENTS a day/$14 a month to own and maintain your home business until you can to build it. As with any business just starting out, you know it takes a little time to get the word out about YOUR new business but as you also know that word of mouth and a satisfied customer is the very best advertisement one can have.  If you become a distribitor, you will get discounts and as a top distribitor, you can earn a PAID VACATION to the Salmon River Resort & Lodge where you can enjoy River Rafting, Horseback Riding, Hiking and Breath-Taking Views.   It's not everyday you are offered a legit home business that is a member of the BBB for just 50 CENTS a day to Start, OWN, and/or add to your current income, so if this sounds like something you can do and enjoy then go to the website below, browse the opprotunity, products, company, promotions, and don't forget to request your FREE Toxic-Free Brochure while you're there. JDPP DOES ACCEPT Money Orders, if you need assistance with this, click the "Contact Us" button on the website or feel free to call me if it is related to JDPP and I will be glad to answer any questions you may have or assist you in any way possiable, thank you for your valuable time and Much Success to you in whatever you do.JDPP Storefront Owners & Sponsors,Bruce & Carol Sandersonhttp://doodlebug.jerkydirect.com423-704-0421 (EST) ASK for CAROL

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