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Bluegrass Cleaning Company likes to think that it produces a premier carpet cleaning service and looking at the amount of regular, repeat custom the company receives, the organization has proved this belief to be correct! The company cleans carpets, rugs and upholstery furniture throughout Lexington, KY, using the latest modern methods and specialists in carpet fibre identification techniques. Bluegrass Cleaning Company employs a cleaning technique and solutions to help the environment and also use the highest quality stain removers on the market, to remove even the most stubborn of stains. All staff are also trained to carry out carpet cleaning safely, efficiently and in an environmentally way as possible. The cleaning process is safe for pets and children and safety measures are always put in place to make sure that your home is secure from mess from the company's operators. All carpet cleaning technicians arrive smartly dressed and uniformed at your property and with clean presentable vehicles that hold all of the latest in technological equipment to clean carpets and rugs. Equipment like a Hot Water Extraction (HWE) machine that will clean deep down into your carpet fibre pile to remove dirt and insects like dust mites. Other machines held on trucks are carpet drying machines, agitation machines to aid stain removal and carpet buffers to aid the drying process. At Bluegrass Cleaning Company, the owners know that it is important to pre-vacuum before any type of carpet cleaning commences in Lexington, KY. Only the best vacuum cleaners are used and the powerful vac will remove most of the loose debris like sand and grit before the carpet cleaning process starts. Vacuuming will also remove a layer of soil that will not use up the cleaning solution, making it far more effective. Remember every step done correctly not only makes the next step easier and more efficient but it also gives you better end results. The company always remembers to put out wet floor signs before carpet and rug cleaning commences, to ensure safety and prevent accidents. Safety is always paramount in the company's thinking. All staff go through rigorous H&s training to learn about method statements and risk assessments. Carpet cleaning carried out by the Bluegrass Cleaning Company is always done using the correct equipment, chemicals and training. The carpet cleaning process, whether done by bonnet cleaning or using the Hot Water Extraction (HWE) method, is very safe for carpets and rugs and beneficial with any carpet cleaning method as your chemistry does the bulk of the cleaning. Heat and agitation contribute but the chemistry is what separates soil from the fibre and pulls it into and holds it in the water molecules with the cleaning chemical. All the heat or agitation in the world will only give you slight improvements if the soil conditions are very light. Remember that wet is attracted to dry. This is why you want to use equipment that can spray down the encapsulate or cleaning solution. This makes the operation much faster and will improve the results. Your carpets will have a more evenly cleaned appearance and will dry more evenly.

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