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Beavon Lawyers is a Brisbane based criminal defence law firm with a breadth of experience that spans across all aspects of criminal defence. For when you need a lawyer that will protect your rights and fearlessly represent you in court, look no further than Beavon Lawyers. We proudly represent clients Australia-wide across all courts and jurisdictions.

We are committed to providing unwavering support throughout your case from start to finish and will represent you without bias, allowing you to have full faith in your legal team.

We have extensive experience across all matters of criminal law and have a dedicated team to find solutions for you regardless of your charge. Our team proudly consists of the following legal professionals, all of which are available to you:

DV Lawyers

Drug Offence Lawyer

Fraud Lawyers

Robbery Lawyer

Sexual Assault Lawyers

Traffic Lawyer

Assault Lawyer

Aggravated Sexual Assault Lawyer

CEM Lawyer

Indecent Treatment of Children Lawyer

Don’t face prosecution on your own. Our extensive experience handling sensitive criminal defence matters with a proven track record of success means your case is stronger with Beavon Lawyers. Get in touch with us today to organise a free consultation and a no-obligation quote. Call 1800 558 533 for expert legal advice 24 hours a day or get in touch online.

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