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50 Years of Our Royal Legacy!

Our connection to the famous world of jewelry dates back to the 1984s. MSRR is our ancestral business. After his passing away, we, two brothers and have started this royal business with a new phase, chalking out to enlarge to the overseas. Our base of business is in Delhi, India. Our business is now a pioneer in this sector.  

The others in this sector may have to sell low-quality jewelry materials (metal and gems), but we sell only the promised quality at the best price. We prefer the customer relationship more than the one-time business.

We always use hallmark ornaments to provide our customers assurance that we sell only the promised quality gems and jewelry. We always mention the carat type, whatever it is. Our jewelry is distinctive and associated with wide audiences’ preferences.

Craftsmanship and elegance- are our mottos

We offer a wide variety of bridal jewelry, Kundan jewelry, diamond rings, platinum and white gold ornaments, and more. Once you visit our online portal, you will guess the type of jewelry we produce in our manufacturing unit with the touch of love and craftsmanship juxtaposed. From sorting diamonds and other gems to preparing the final products, our experienced and professional team goes the extra mile.

Stunning solitaries

We go beyond the 4 Cs or choosing diamonds, which results in a magnificently crafted solitaire collection. To provide you with the best diamonds and final product at the best price, our experts assess each solitaire in great detail. The highest standard for diamond certification, GIA Labs USA, has awarded all of our solitaires with its certification.

Apart from diamonds, the jewelry metals we use are always carat certified and mentioned over each of the pieces.

There’s Something for Everyone!

MSRR Jewelry prepares jewelry for all your moods. Apart from seasonal ceremonies and cultural functions, we prepare the jewelry for all types of party moods. Our jewelry pieces are best for gifting as well.

When you wear our jewelry, you can easily manage your modernity with traditional fashion statements. Our jewelry pieces are made to the preferences of modern people with vast ranges of prices. No matter where you go, people will praise our distinctive jewelry pieces.

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