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Yager Realty of California

52 Points of Marketing – Listed on MLS until SOLD!We are Full Service Brokers for a Flat Fee!We beat traditional real estate brokers marketing plans with our 52 points of service that Network your home to over 6,000 agents in the Fresno MLS and we do it for less money than traditional fees AND have the ability to find your own buyer and pay NO Buyer’s Agent commission.

No hidden costsKeep your “for sale by owner” statusSave thousands of dollars in listing commissionsSame MLS listing service used by real estate agents in your areaEmploy 4,000 Agents and Brokers in the Fresno AreaMultiple Listing Service provided by Yager Realty of FresnoPlus, Upgraded Showcase Ad on Realtor.comYou appear like a normal listing to a broker or agent, We are NOT a discount Broker!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. The MLS Listing System is a database of homes for sale in a specific area and is run by the local Board of Realtors®. It’s the traditional method agents use to find homes for their buyers or to advertise their listings to other agents.

What are the steps to get Listed with Yager Realty?

Call Yager Realty if you have any further questions. You can pay online NOW!     Yager Realty Full Service Flat Fee MLS option A listing agent will contact you directly to set up an appointment. If you have already paid online via Pay Pal. You are a priority and will be listed within 12 hours of payment received.At time of listing appointment you will have all copies of all paper work and clearly understand our process!At time of listing appointment we can take pictures for $50.00 with our digital camera, or you may email us with the digital pictures for us to upload for free.  Your choice…For $100 sellers may have a lock box rental good until the property is sold one time fee.When listing Agent leaves your home you will be listed on the Fresno MLS and live to the public.  Yager Reatly yard sign will be up and lock box on ready for agents to show your home!

How long does my home stay on the MLS Listing System?Your home will be advertised on your local MLS Listing System for six months. It will appear on Realtor.com as well. When you want to take your home off of the market you will need to submit in writing on a Yager Realty form. Email: ContractsAtYagerRealty@gmail.com

Do I get a refund if my home doesn’t sell or I convert to an agent before the six months is up?There is no refund, nor any portion thereof, once you have placed your home for sale.  You may pull the property off of the MLS and relist with another broker during anytime of the listing, you may even come back to us when your home does not sell for Free.  Once you pay you never lose your money with Yager Realty.

What is the benefit of putting my home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?If you are tired of getting calls from agents that want to only list your home, Then pay a Low Flat Fee and turn those agents into your buyers agents!  Get Sold Quick!  Yager Realty will educate and empower you as you go through this simply and efficient system of selling your home!

What does it mean to “co-op”?Co-op (cooperative payment) means that you would be willing to pay a Buyer’s Agent a fee for bringing a buyer to you. Typically, a Buyer’s Agent is paid 2.5% – 3.0% of the sales price. It is necessary to list the commission amount you are willing to pay on the MLS when you fill out the MLS listing agreement.

If I do not want to “co-op” with a Real Estate Agent, is the MLS Listing still a good idea for me?No. A Buyer’s Agent expects compensation. Without offering it, an agent will have no reason to bring a buyer to your home.

Do I have to pay an agent if I put my home on the local MLS Listing Service but find the buyer myself?NO! Yager Realty allows you to be an open listing while being on the MLS!  You have the option of showing the property yourself to the buyer and we allow you to save the selling coop commission.  Thus putting the 3% you would pay another agent to sell your home back in your pocket as well as finding the buyer yourself.  In this scenario, you would have only spent the one time flat fee of $500 to get on the MLS plus 1/2 of 1% at closing.

So what are my cost savings with putting my home on the MLS Listing System as opposed to going with a full-service Real Estate Agent?Let’s go through both scenarios with the assumption that you are selling your home for $200,000. One scenario uses a regular full-service Seller’s Agent with a 6% commission. The second scenario saves you thousands by using our Premium package with the Flat Fee MLS service.


Traditional Agent

Yager Realty of Fresno, Full Service Flat Fee

Your costs

$6,000(3%) listing Commission(6% of $200,000)($12,000 gross) total

$6,000(3% “CO-OP” fee paid to an agent if they bring a buyer)

$500Flat Fee MLS at Time of listing + 1/2 of 1% = $1,000  $1,500 total to Yager Realty…

$6,000(3% “CO-OP” fee paid to an agent if they bring you a buyer)If Yager Realty finds your buyer or you(Seller) finds your buyer Yager Realty Waives the MLS Coop Commission that you would pay to another Broker!

Total paid after sale




Savings of $0

Savings of $4,500

Refund PolicyWhen a property is requested to be placed on the MLS Listing System, it is understood that there are no refunds given after the MLS Lisitng number has been assigned to the property by the broker through the MLS Listing service.

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