William C. Head, PC

William C. Head, PC is a criminal defense attorney in Atlanta.  He has been called as nation’s leading DUI attorney. He is experienced drunk driving lawyer that can help you in your DUI cases and penalties. Visit our website to know how you can choose right criminal attorney.

William C. Head, PC has been called The Nation’s Leading DUI Attorney in Atlanta. We have successfully helped over 15,000 clients. We provide immediate legal advice and representation in case of DUI charge, arrest in Georgia for DUI, beating a DUI, blood alcohol tests, DUI drugs cases and criminal cases. We are aware of Georgia DUI Laws and know them front and back. It is well known that a DUI in Georgia cannot be removed from one’s criminal record, fighting is the only option. Even in the scenario where all sobriety tests were failed, our criminal defense attorney in Atlanta GA has beaten blood alcohol tests, DUI drug cases and criminal cases. We understand the mental state of a person charged with DUI as we have interviewed 20,000 clients and we know how clients feel, therefore we provide initial free lawyer consultation so that your stress must be transferred to our shoulders. Visit us today!

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