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Choosing the right kind of paint can make or break your project, so choose wisely! Our Benjamin Moore color visualizer allows you to compare colors on screen prior to purchasing them in sample sizes . If you'd rather be safe than sorry, two types of solid color exterior acrylic latex paints that will work well for most homes are premium elastomeric house painting Auckland coatings (these provide added protection against mildew, insects and abrasion), or 100% acrylic exterior paints.Before you even start painting make sure the surfaces are clean and free of any debris (leaves, twigs, etc…). You can also apply a good primer to help your paint adhere better to the surfaces.

Repair any minor issues above the surface of your siding, such as chips in wood painted surfaces, chipped or peeling paint and faded color. Long-term exposure to the elements can cause many exterior painting problems that Exterior painting Auckland require patching before you apply new paint. You’ll also need to sand or scrape away old paint if it fails to cover completely to make sure the new paint adheres properly. For smaller surfaces like window trim and railings, use an airless sprayer with a thin coat of high-quality primer sprayed directly onto problem areas; let dry for approximately 30 minutes before applying two thin coats of top-quality exterior latex or acrylic primer/sealer followed by two thin coats of quality exterior paint.

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