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Welcome to Vetcare in Hawthorn! We treat beautiful herbivores with the necessary vet services. Every day, Dr Phan and the highly compassionate team of vet care provide treatment to so many cute pets. 


We provide various pet services, from animal vaccination, veterinary consultation, Pet microchipping, and radiology, to surgeries and treatments. 


Apart from that, puppy pre-school, nutritional food, exercise for puppies, treatment and toys are also available. The staff here at Vetcare Boroondara love pets and are happy to assist any animal in need, whether your pet is unwell, injured, or you are just here for his routine check-up. 


Our mission at Vetcare Boroondara is to provide you with the best knowledge and advice to give the best possible treatment to your pet. Our team takes pleasure in taking care of your pets despite the breed of the pet, since we have fluffy, furry members in our own family. 


Newly born puppies get immunity from their mother’s milk when in the maturing stage. But once your puppy is fully developed, it is your responsibility to keep his immune system healthy to guard against the most common animal diseases. 


Vetcare Hawthorn also provides animal vaccination services in Boroondara. 

Microchipping is also performed here at Vetcare Hawthorn, where each chip contains a unique 15-digit number that is linked with your contact information, which you provide us upon successful chip insertion. 


Getting a new puppy is like adding a new member to our family, which is always an exciting moment in our life. However, if your cute puppy is not properly trained, he or she can quickly turn into a naughty nightmare. 


Our vet care professionals conduct puppy pre-school to keep your pet safe and in control. 


Get in touch with us today or stroll over to our nearby vet care facility for a free pet care consultation.

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4/18 Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East, Victoria, Australia, 3123
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