US Merchant Systems

Who We Are

U.S. Merchant Systems is a Merchant account provider for Visa® and MasterCard®. In other words, we provide businesses with the ability to accept credit cards. In addition to Visa and MasterCard, we can also set up merchant accounts with American Express®, Discover® and Diners Club®. In order to accept credit cards a merchant needs a Merchant Account. U.S. Merchant Systems provides these Merchant Accounts. Accept credit cards today and start growing your business. Look to U.S. Merchant Systems to help you achieve your goals.

Our Values

At U.S. Merchant Systems, we recognize the importance of having complete trust in your Merchant Service Provider. After all, credit card processing will be a large portion of your gross sales. But we strive to be more than just a merchant service provider. We offer many peripheral products and services (some even for free) focused on helping you to grow.

What We Do

From a merchant account to POS equipment and a variety of other payment solutions, we can help you grow your business. In the credit card processing and merchant service industry, U.S. Merchant Systems stands among the leaders, representing multiple processors and providing all types of merchants with a variety of services and products. Call us or contact us today and let's get started. Products Some of the current products being offered by U.S. Merchant Systems are:

* Credit Card Processing

* ATM/Debit Card Processing

* Gift Cards

* Electronic Check Processing

* Check Guarantee

* POS Equipment

* Secure Online Payment Processing

* Internet Storefront Builders

* Shopping Carts

Contact Us
48001 Fremont Blvd., Fremont, California, United States, 94538