Tuofa CNC Machining Manufacturer

Since 2006, Tuofa CNC machining manufacturer of precision-customized CNC machining parts, sheet metal parts, 3D printing services according to specifications on demand, from prototype parts to product assembly services, becoming 28% of Fortune 500 companies long-term Partner. Monthly supply of 500000 parts, 50 metal and plastic materials, 20. surface treatment service with tolerances down to 0.01mm (.0004). Serving the automotive, agriculture, medical equipment, electronic equipment, energy, machinery, engineering, aviation and other industries. Tuofa CNC Machining Manufacturer - The best Chinese top CNC machining company near you. ISO9001/AS9100D/IATF1949 quality management system: Precision manufacturing workshops that support low-volume production, allowing customers to order parts faster and easier.

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