The Total Supplement

We are in the business of happy, healthy, shiny horses! We offer The Total Supplement, a veterinarian formulated all-in-one health solution for horses. Includes your horses' total daily vitamin, mineral, and probiotics needs in a 1 oz scoop. The ingredient base is an organic silica and mineral substrate, excavated from it's natural habitat in the USA. It is an exclusive ingredient, only available in The Total Supplement. Our supplement is free of soy, flax, bi-products and other fillers. It is safe for horses of all ages, breed, size or discipline. Even safe for lactating and gestational mares, foals, and mini ponies. Free of fat and added energy and safe with most all medications. Not a drug. Is not to prevent, diagnose, or treat any condition.

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PO Box 800068, Balch Springs, Texas, United States, 75180
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