The Owner Builder Club

At Owner Builder Club, we simplify the owner builder processes by providing every bit of information ranging from insurance, courses, loans, to building material suppliers & manufacturers like timber, trusses, bricks. We have aggregated a list of Owner Builder course, Insurance, Loan providers, soil testing Melbourne service & bal rating provider, timber suppliers, trusses suppliers, and bricks suppliers.

Our goal is to make life less demanding of owner builders with fewer bothers and issues because Owner Building is not a simple procedure, it takes your time, money, and energy. We provide information about owner builder courses, loan and insurance providers, permits, contractors, bal rating, and building material suppliers & manufacturers. We offer everything which is required to make you a responsible owner-builder.

We train Owner Builders to make an informed decision before building a new home or revamping a current one. The Owner Builder Club will keep you in good shape towards working and finishing your venture.

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