The Lower Limb Clinic - Podiatrist & Orthotics Elsternwick

The Lower Limb Clinic is a leading Melbourne podiatry practice specialising in orthotic treatment of foot, ankle and knee pain... quickly.We’ve been treating foot, ankle and knee problems since 1997, with a focus on high quality custom-made orthotics and a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to patient care. Over time, this has been refined and additional services are now offered, including podiatry, minor surgery, injection therapy, ultrasound and dry needling. We stress continued development, including sourcing the latest research, techniques, materials and technology and integrating them as appropriate.All orthoses are manufactured on site by hand in a dedicated laboratory, to meet each patient's individual needs. This gives us control of the manufacturing process and a rapid turnaround time so you can be out of pain faster. We refuse to compromise on materials or quality. It’s that simple.We understand that your time has value. We respect that and we don’t keep you waiting. We also don’t rush or unnecessarily extend consultations. Your priorities will always be listened to and we will guide you to the solution that we feel best meets your needs.

The Lower Limb Clinic - Podiatrist & Orthotics Elsternwick Gallery

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