The Attic Doctors

Heat load factors in these attics would always be a constant issue that comes with older construction. You can’t look away or dismiss the evidence, bleak, as it may seem. So this quest to “be the best” is why The Attic Doctors are here to make your house safer, more cost efficient and hopefully “greener.”There are six specific areas I believe that need to be addressed along with a couple creative add-ons that will rejuvenate your cool homestead. Our knowledge, years of experience and constant passion to perfect that which lacks is why I created The Attic Doctors!We offer full attic services: Attic Batts Insulation,Attic Cleaning, Attic Rodent Removal, Duct Work Change-Out etc to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient!Top-rated full attic service guys in Orange County. 5-Star attic services for home owners:*Total Attic Cleanup*High Quality Attic Batt Insulation*Attic Fan Installation*Attic Rodent Removal*Attic Sealing/Repair*Indoor Air Quality Control
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5530 E La Palma Ave., Anaheim, California, United States, 92807
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