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Glass is one of the most important parts of your oven. It's there to keep heat in and protect the inner workings of your oven. But sometimes glass can break on its own, and it doesn't always happen right away. When glass breaks, it can cause several issues—from cracks in the door to more serious damage such as broken seals that may allow moisture into your oven cavity and cause corrosion or rusting. In some cases, the glass may be removed instead of repaired; however, in most cases, we find that repairing the glass is necessary. Our team of experts in Sydney appliances at The Appliance Guys Sydney will advise you on what type of glass would best suit your needs and give us an estimate for its replacement. If you would like to know more about the cost involved in this service, don't hesitate to contact us with your brand and model number so we can provide you with an exact price for this service!

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