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The process of Change in South Africa is accelerating and new socio -economic and political pressures confront us daily as a new democracy. Our society is particularly complex comprising of diverse needs. These needs are to be recognized for a new and a better future for all South Africans. More than ten years ago, the South African government recognized how the new dispensation would have an impact on the socio-economic and political policies of the country, in relation with the demands that people would make towards the improvement of their standards of living.

TBG-DIGIT 2000 Business solutions is a consulting company aiming to assist small medium enterprise to reach their goals. This company was established in 2004 putting consumer’s interest at heart. Succeeding in business is difficult, most businesses fail within the first three years. Profitability and growth are difficult to maintain for any size business in these poor economic conditions. Getting professional help can save you many problems and get you desired results. We are “Results driven and Goal Oriented”.

We provide business consultancy ranging from business plan operations, Marketing plan, business operation consulting, business analysis and many more. We have teams that specialise in all of the different aspects of business.

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