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I’m a student loan lawyer and bankruptcy attorney in St Louis MO (see here). I help people with student loans stop stressing about how they're going to pay their loans. I educate them. I give them a plan. And I'm always there for them. Just one phone call away.  Helping folks with their student loans is my life's work.  Student Loan Forgiveness + Cancellation  I review borrowers student loans to see if they qualify for various student loan forgiveness and cancelation options. For example, I check to see if they qualify for:   - Public Service Loan Forgiveness  - Income-Driven-Repayment forgiveness  - Loan Repayment Assistance Programs  - Profession based forgiveness (teachers, medical professionals, etc.)  - State-based forgiveness programs  I also review if their loans can be canceled because they are totally and permanently disabled, or they attended a school that's now closed or if they left school and didn't get a refund.  In short, I'm going to do all that I can to try and get your loans eliminated. (Read more here.)  Student Loan Repayment Plans  I also help people lower their monthly payment on both their federal and private student loans. With me, you're guaranteed to get the lowest monthly payment possible on your federal student loans. And with your private loans, I promise I'm going to fight to get you a payment you can afford.  Student Loan Settlement  Another thing I do for people is help them settle their federal and private student loans. Admittedly, with federal student loans settlements are rare. They're hard to come by. And when you can get them, the borrower usually has to come up with a lump sum settlement that's equal to his principal.  Not a good deal at all.  But with private student loans, the story is different.  Good settlements can be hand. I've had some clients settle their private loans for .25 cents on the dollar. Most though end up settling between .40 and .65 cents on the dollar.  I'm super proud to say that in the past year, I've made a difference in my clients lives. After I settled their debt, they no longer stressed about how they were going to pay back all those thousands of dollars. They could now focus on enjoying life and becoming the best version of themselves.  My commitment to clients  But for clients, I wouldn't have the life that I have. I'm so thankful for that. To think, I'm just a kid from the south side of Chicago. Now I'm out here helping people deal with this nation's biggest financial problem.  This life is amazing. I truly appreciate the opportunity my clients give me. They hire me to help. They trust me to do my job well. I respect them for that. And I'm committed to doing just that.  My process  The first thing that will happen is that you'll contact me and explain your problem. I'll listen intently because every case is unique. I'll also ask a bunch of questions to make sure I understand exactly what's going on.  During that call, I'll tell you whether or not I can help you and how much I'm going to charge you. Usually, that cost will come in the form of a flat fee, which can be paid in one lump sum or via a payment plan. (If you choose the payment plan, the cost goes up slightly.)  If we agree on the price and the scope of the work you want me to provide, we'll schedule an appointment. That meeting can take place in person, over the phone, or with Skype. I'm flexible.  Most times, I'll be able to solve your student loan issue during that phone call. If that's not the case with you, I'll let you know how long I think the process will take. I'll give you my personal number so you can reach me directly to find out what's going with your case.  Look, here's what you need to know:  I got your back.

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