Sweet Dreamers | Ewan the Dream Sheep

Pink noise, which includes recordings of hoover, rain, and harp, is available for somewhat older youngsters. Together with the womb sequence, they provide four relaxing sound options. Thirty little children have tested Ewan, the dream sheep, ensuring that you have the finest possible variety of noises! He's also a big hit with kids a little older than seven years old [so far!]. When not being utilized as a relaxing pink nightlight, Ewan the sheep may be used everywhere owing to his velcro tail. As he makes soft noises and creates a soft pink light, the Sweet Dreamers Ewan the Dream Sheep will soothe your baby or toddler before they go to sleep. Vacuum cleaner, rain, harp, and the womb are the four available soundtracks. Heartbeat sounds may be heard in each one. Ewan has a 20-minute timer that automatically shuts off once that period has expired. He may be attached to cot bars, pushchairs, or car seats for convenience.

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