Storage Heaters Scotland

Storage Heaters Scotland is a trusted electric heating company located in Glasgow, catering to clients throughout mainland Scotland. Our team of electric heating installers holds important certifications, including NICEIC approval, ensuring the proficient installation of electric heating equipment.

If you're seeking modern electric heating solutions, we have the answer for you. Our extensive range includes cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing efficient and reliable performance.

Electric Storage Heaters: Our high heat retention storage heaters surpass the efficiency of traditional models. Replace your outdated heaters with these advanced units, which can be monitored and customised via a user-friendly app. If you're considering modern storage heaters in Scotland, you might qualify for a government grant through Home Energy Scotland. We offer guidance throughout the grant application process.

German Electric Radiators: Upgrade your home's electric heating to the highest standard with our premium German-engineered electric radiators. These units deliver instant, powerful heat unmatched by any other on the market. Plus, they come with an impressive product warranty lasting up to 30 years.

Electric Boilers & Central Heating: If you reside in a rural area without access to gas, our electric combi boilers and wet electric central heating systems provide an ideal traditional heating solution. While installation might require extra effort and investment, these options are the most cost-effective electric heating products available.

Electric Water Heaters: Our electric water heaters deliver instant hot water for your property, working seamlessly with storage heaters to fulfil all your central heating requirements.

We also offer other electric heating systems, including air source heat pumps. For more detailed information, please visit

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