SaniPod™ creates industry-leading sanitary disposal systems that are designed by women for women. They have feminine hygiene bins for every washroom with different sizes and a choice of manual or automatic sanitary bins available.

On a mission to redefine women's hygiene, SaniPod™ have created a line of sanitary bins that women can feel comfortable using. Their discreet and hygienic designs make these bins a feature rather than an eyesore. 

For larger washrooms with high traffic volume, SaniPod™ offers the Pod™ Classic which comes in auto and manual options. The simple design is easy to use and provides minimal contact for improved user experience. For smaller spaces or cubicles, the Pod™ Petite and Pod™ Classic Mini are compact options that still maintain their superior design benefits. 

What separates SaniPod™ feminine hygiene bins from the rest is their focus on cleanliness and safety. All of their sanitary bins have a self-closing liner for zero waste contact for those servicing the bins. The design of SaniPod™ bin openings hides waste from view for improved hygiene and a more pleasant experience. The automatic range of motion-sensor sanitary bins are a reliable option that will open every time and allow for a touchless experience. 

SaniPod™ products are distributed worldwide and used in many large businesses across the globe. To learn more about the complete range of SaniPod™ sanitary bins or to enquire about installing SaniPod™ products on your premises, visit the website here:

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