Ready Set Connect

ReadySetConnect is a fully integrated online therapy platform to connect special children with clinicians and specialists they need. It boasts off exclusive features including virtual therapy, and behavioral health EHR that helps educators teach and clinicians perform therapy services by streamlining patients’ progress notes, setting schedules on the calendar, managing appointment reminders, and recording data on progress.


This easy to set up HIPPA-certified therapy software is suitable for practices of all sizes; be it independent practitioners, small clinics, providers at multiple locations, or small-sized schools. It is quick and easy to use, which enables pediatric clinicians, therapists, and online tutors to immediately engage in a live interaction with the special needs children from any place. 


ReadySetConnect offers the highest level of data security. Its extensive features allow healthcare practitioners and psychologists to create customized treatment plans and monitor patient requirements in real-time. Users can access this platform through any mobile device and across any browser, which further enhances both usability and productivity.


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