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At REACH, we are committed to providing exceptional, empathic, and evidence-based therapy and psychiatric services.  Our team of counselors and psychiatrists will listen to your needs and develop a plan to address your individual concerns.

As you begin this therapeutic journey, it is helpful to remember that healing and self-discovery take time.  All of your life experiences, feelings, and perspectives developed over years and even decades takes time to process. The healing process and realizing how you are influenced in the present by those past experiences also takes time.

During your first session, your therapist will work with you to develop a counseling plan that addresses your individual needs and your long-term goals.  Our objectives are for you to understand the root cause of your feelings, develop skills to contain your feelings, and ultimately feel better.

Most of the therapists at REACH are trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  CBT is a type of mental health therapy that helps clients identify the cause of their feelings, thoughts and actions.  When you understand some of the underlying causes for your thoughts and feelings, you can learn to manage them with the help of your therapist.

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