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Priam's Automotive Service & Repair, Inc.

Whenit comes to auto maintenance and auto repair, putting all your eggsin one basket (or, more appropriately, in one gasket?)  issometimes a wise idea—and Priam'sAutomotive Service & Repair Inchas almost every aspect of vehicle-related care covered. Whether youneed an oil change, a cooling system flush, electrical system work,or something else, their team can make it happen, and make sure itstays functional.Whatsets Priam's apart? To sum it up in a few words, honesty, integrity,and fairness. They provide itemized invoices for every job and carpart, and their staff will explain the repair process for you in fulldetail, just to make sure you understand exactly what you need andexactly what you're paying for. They'll also make sure that your caris maintained and in tip-top shape—all the better to to preventproblems from developing in the first place. Heating and airconditioning, steering and suspension—there's nothing theirprofessionals can't oversee. Too,the Priam crew services foreign and domestic cars—and as a locallyowned and operated company who's been going the extra mile (punintended) for years, they've more than earned the respect of theHonolulu community—a claim their clienttestimonialspageis a more than apt testament to. And that equates to the kind ofservice that keeps motorists happy and vehicles going for the whole nine yards, and then some.Tofind out more, contact the team at Priam'sAutomotive Service & Repair at(808)537-1919—andstart experiencing the difference a happy car can make!
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2002 Pauoa Rd, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States, 96813