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ADAS stands for advanced driver assistance systems. This technology helps drivers to drive safely. As shown from its name, it works as an assistant to a driver. It pings you up if you make any mistake while driving. It works with the help of sensors and cameras. ADAS takes the information provided by the camera on the windshield and the sensors installed in the car, and ADAS assists according to the available information.
If ADAS works properly, it provides you with the experience of safe driving and road safety. Of course, ADAS needs proper windshield calibration to work accurately. But, if the cameras are in the right place and sensors are working properly, ADAS will provide drivers with ultimate safety.
If you had a windshield replacement on a vehicle with censors, it is highly likely that you will be in need of a windshield recalibration in San Antonio.
When you’re in need of expert auto glass services, the Omni Calibration team delivers. With more than 25 years of experience in the auto glass industry, we are the clear choice in windshield ADAS calibration in San Antonio, TX.

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