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A personal message from Rob, the founder of Never Clog Gutters: Let's be realistic. You found our site because you are sick of getting on ladders several times a year and cleaning out your gutters instead of doing what you like. I get it. I spent over five years cleaning out my gutters at least six times a year. Luckily, my home was a simple ranch and it still took me forever. I often thought about what it must be like for homeowners with multiple story homes. During the course of my contracting career, which by now spanned twenty years, I became involved with gutter protection companies. I sold and installed gutter protection and quickly realized how lacking the services were. Everything from the customer service to the quality of the installations left me a bit disillusioned with the business. You see, as an independent contractor for so long, I always knew that homeowners have tough choices when hiring the proper contractors. I always gave my customers 110% service so not only are they happy but I get referrals.

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