My Baby Lady, Inc.

My Baby Lady is a Birth Coach and Doula with 10+ years of experience helping women through pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. If you live on the Treasure Coast I can be your doula in person. I can also be your virtual doula anywhere in the US! That's right, at a distance of a phone call, text, email, and a video call I can provide your all the support you need. I also offer prenatal classes Port St Lucie which are evidence-based.

All of my services are tailored to you and your needs, so besides my usual packages, fele fere to inquire about how I can better help you and I will be happy to build a personal service package for you. 

There are a lot of misconceptions if is a doula covered by insurance. I recommend you to read one of my blog articles about that subject and inquire me personally with your insurance info so that I can give you a better advice on using insurance to cover my services.

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