MIlk Tyson

Milk Tyson, born Edward Porter, is the visionary Founder and President of FAM - Fighting All Monsters, Inc, a foundation known for bringing unprecedented relief to families who have children facing life threatening challenges. Tyson’s humble roots upon Cape Cod shores did not keep him anchored long, and he shipped out to Los Angeles at his first opportunity. There, he busily fashioned his dreams into reality, when a family, whose reality had become a nightmare, changed his path forever. In awe of their perseverance against childhood cancer, Tyson burst with inspiration and purpose. He spent the next three years immersed with families who were fighting for their children’s lives. Listening. In 2018, he replied, launching FAM. Since then, his outside-the-box methodology, and team of dedicated volunteers have grown FAM to a $1 million dollar annual fund raising machine. Though his daily mantra “shut up, and do something” may seem brash, he notes that “fighting monsters requires very little tact, but all of our swords.

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2045 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, Florida, United States, 33137
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