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Occasional, your home may attract unwanted visitors in the form of pests; this can particularly be the case for those with gardens. Rats and mice seek heat and food during cold temperature. Wasps may decide to make their nests within your house which can cause much distress to your family. Training ants in big numbers can be very hard to manage; insects may also infest food cupboards. Squirrels and pest birds can be a great annoyance with the disturbance they cause. If your business is any of the following industries – Food Processing / Manufacture, Pharmaceuticals, Supermarkets, Pubs & Bars or offices you should contact us to take act as pest control and pest organization avoids serious health hazards to your workers. Under Government Health & Safety Legislation – pest control is a legal necessity. Pest control is a legal condition in many industries. Rodent and insect pests pose a real danger to human health in any business and therefore should not be tolerated. Rodents can fatally harm your telephone and computer systems, correcting such damage can be costly. Pest birds nesting or perching on your business building can cause structural damage and even make slip hazards and a risk to human health due to disease contained within their feces, feathers and nesting materials. Marks Pest Control Adelaide specializes in the control of bed bugs. Bed bugs can be tricky to eradicate. We offer a completely discreet service with unmarked vehicles. Our technicians are fully capable and highly skilled. We guarantee elimination. If you have any questions – please don’t hesitate to give our team in Adelaide a call. We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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