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Maratheftis & Yiannouris

Since 1980, architects and engineers have been working at the firm of Maratheftis Yiannouris, creating office spaces based on contemporary perceptions of business set-up and administration and commercial centres based on the latest ideas of shopping and leisure.

They construct buildings and form volumes on a microscale, focusing on the flexibility of particular elements, at the same time revealing and recognising the functionality and use of each building. They create spaces which are attractive, recognisable and easy to familiarise with.

Contemporary and traditional materials are used in harmony with the colours and elements of nature in exterior as well as interior space compositions.

Office spaces are designed based on the principle of "de-neutralisation", which enables the enhancement of their individual, multi-faceted character and interaction.

In designing office complexes the professionals at Maratheftis Yiannouris aim to maximize energy savings by redefining a great number of factors, which influence the composition of a building, e.g. orientation, volume and arrangement of teams and work spaces.

This approach has given rise to the perception of "individual work space administration" which rests with the user-like individual regulation of air conditioning, lighting, ventilation and workspace layout.

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