London Piano Centre

Whether you are an adult, child, advanced pianist, or comlete beginner, you're encouraged to sign up for piano lessons in London at the London Piano Centre. Founded by a world renowned pianist, and staffed by a team of professional concert pianists, LPC strives to provide the finest piano education in the UK.

You needn't have aspirations as a professional musician to join. we enjoy working with children, high schoolers preparing for conservatory, adult hobbyists, and anyone in between. Our piano lessons for kids in London are fun, well structured, and educational, and our adult learning programs are intuitive and thoughtful. You will progress quickly at the piano, and we think you'll enjoy the journey!

Please reach out for more information - we would be happy to hear from you. More information:

London Piano Centre

6 Baker Street, London, W1U 3AA
+44 771- 617106

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6 Baker Street, London, England, United Kingdom, W1U 3AA
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