Littlefoot Developmental Services

Littlefoot Developmental Services is an Early Childhood Intervention Centre that offers a 360 BEE approach in your child's development. This approach is a proprietary system based on scientific evidence and developed by psychologists to deliver the top child intervention and developmental therapy services. At LittleFoot, we believe that the key to a successful child is a combination of 4 developmental pillars, which comprise of Behaviour, Education, Emotion and 360 family support.

Behaviour Therapy
Using Applied Behaviour Analysis, our team of therapists aid in behaviour modification and regulation to alleviate child’s impeding functional abilities.

Educational Support Therapy
(School Readiness)
Our Bee smart academy programme strives to ease learning gaps and facilitate successfully
transition into schools

Emotional Therapy
Our team of professional counsellors provide guidance and emotional support for children and caregivers.

Family Support
Case supervisors provide parent and caregiver training to maintain consistency in applying specific strategies to manage child's behaviours in various settings.

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1 Marine Parade Central, #02-05 Parkway Centre, , Central Singapore, Singapore, 449408
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