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Our founder embarked on a family holiday with a conventional tour group when the borders started to open. The trip fell short of expectations. The itinerary failed to captivate his children, the food didn't cater to their tastes, and despite providing feedback, their concerns fell on deaf ears. Amid the disappointment, an idea sparked on the third day of the tour.

Picture him in a quiet bar, kids asleep, a sudden realization dawning — what if he could create a travel package designed specifically for families, one that prioritized unique experiences over mass-market itineraries, and tailored meals to children's preferences? And thus, LAGO Travel was born.

Why a Bear?

Our emblem, an adorable bear with a map and suitcase, is more than just a cute symbol. Bears are incredibly intelligent animals with a powerful sense of smell, sight, and hearing. They care deeply for their family units, mirroring our own devotion to our customers. We listen attentively, understand your needs, and are always ready to assist. We're not just arranging holidays; we're creating unforgettable experiences for you and your loved ones.

Our Colors

White color represent purity, safety, freshness and cleanliness, blue color represent freedom, stability, integrity, calm or quality, red color represent courage, passion, excitement and actions In LAGO family, we are a group of very passion team, we have the courage and the freedom to explore new things in travel. By doing this, we want our customer to have a very unique experience for their holiday with their loves one and their families. In the meantime, integrity is very important and hence, whatever we have promised to our customer, we will go extra miles and ensure everything will be fulfilled. Customer has the peace of mind to let LAGO family to arrange for your holidays.

In the LAGO family, we go the extra mile to deliver on our promises. You can trust us to handle every detail of your trip, ensuring a unique, stress-free holiday.

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30 E Coast Rd, #02-13, Katong V, Singapore, Central Singapore, Singapore, 428751
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