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Since 1974, Keith Brennan Plumbing has been a reputed local plumbing company, offering its many years of expertise to customers. We take great pride in providing the best residential and commercial plumbing services in Salisbury. 

We offer a variety of plumbing services, such as general plumbing, taps and toilets, burst pipes, drain cameras, hot water, sewer & stormwater, and hydro jet. With the help of our team of skilled plumbers, we can provide professional general plumbing services to clients all around the area and have up-to-date tools and techniques to handle any plumbing project. 

With the best plumbing solutions for each client, we offer our most excellent and dependable Hydro Jet service in Salisbury. Our company provides top-notch general plumbing services in Salisbury at a competitive price. 

All of our plumbing services are completed by qualified professionals and come with a full guarantee and insurance. Our team of qualified plumbers offers the best and highest-quality services. 

If burst pipes are not repaired immediately, it can cause significant disruption and possibly damage. The worry caused by a water leak from a burst pipe is something we at Keith Brennan Plumbing completely comprehend. 

We offer complete toilet installation and repair services. Our skilled plumbing staff has the knowledge and experience to fix a variety of toilet issues. In Australia, everyone has to keep their sewage system in excellent working order. We are dedicated to making sure that every home has clean sewage. 

Visit our website or call us on 0418 729 545 to book an appointment for trusted plumbing services.

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