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How To Start Your Own 30 fold Bookstore

First, get to know the following facts: Over 13 BILLION DOLLARS are spent every year on Christian products in America and 85% of those dollars are spent in the secular market place at corporate places, secular bookstore chains, and secular stores of all sorts. Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re glad that these products are widely available in America, whereas they are not in many countries in the world. Our vision is to bring those dollars back into the hands of Christian individuals just like you through the ownership of your own online shopping portal and by building a business network of online shopping portals.

We believe that the profits from these purchases would be better spent on you and your family.

Imagine $4 BILLION DOLLARS in profit in the hands of Christian families, channeled to family needs such as yours, and family causes you believe in?

Business experts point to the next great business boom (which has already started) as Marketing Targeted to Affinity Groups. And the largest affinity group in the country is The Christian Community. Many secular groups understand this and have been targeting Christians everywhere. As a matter of fact, most “Christian Bookstore Chains” are secularly owned, with profits potentially going to anti-Christian causes.

From a business point of view, we at 30fold are riding the wave of the affinity group loyalty purchasing trend, and bringing it back to its rightful owners.

Read a few Testimonies:

Good Morning!

You really caught me by surprise on last evenings HOPE call! I had been struggling to come up with "new" names to contact about 30fold - people I hadn't previously contacted. What really surprised me was that I came up with not just 3, but 6 names during the call last night! All people that I am in regular contact with and with whom I have not shared anything about the business opportunity. And all people I "trust" to provide honest feedback! Another reason I am writing this morning is that I was just reading an article about Dennis Bake that included a quote that resonated with me. The man made a billion bucks at AES, and he says he gives away 99 percent [of] all of his income -- doesn't that prove that making more money in order to give more money is an honorable objective? "The 'making money' part is what's not right," he says ... "but the money isn't the focus; the people and their needs are." "Everything you do should be for love. You should love the people you're serving, whether they're your customers or your employees. That's biblical. It's just right." I'm really enjoying the training calls - mostly because each call builds upon the previous. Esther and I have purchased 2 MP3 players now and have downloaded the calls. We listen to them again and again. Blessings, Rick I.

I have been a bookstore owner since August and have been blessed by the integrity and Christian professionalism in every respect. I trust the people that are in leadership implicitly because they have proven themselves to be trustworthy time after time! I have just finished another "Dynamic" Conference call and am thankful to God that His path has led me to participate with so many authentic Christians! I know that God is using (and will continue to use) 30fold as a great opportunity to set people free spiritually, physically & financially! If all you do is "save money on your own purchases" and/or "apply the principles of the 40 Day Plan to your personal life" you will have seen more return on your initial investment than you could have dreamed! I know because I already have! PRAISE GOD!! Rev. Michael C.


Second, Get on a Conference Call

TOP Call

TOP stands for Telephone Overview Presentation. This is where we provide an opportunity for candidates to hear about the 30fold business opportunity as well as to ask questions of our leaders.

Tuesdays at 5:45 pm Pacific Standard Time & 8:45 pm Eastern Standard Time

Third, Read the Compensation Plan Overview:

How to earn money and save money with 30fold?

30Fold compensates members for product sales via a choice of compensation plans - designed to suit your specific business objectives.

A 30fold online Christian Bookstore offers the potential to save money and make money in four ways.

1 - Christian Product Sales

Your bookstore offers market leading Christian products at prices that can be discounted up to 22% off retail. You earn the difference between your wholesale item buy price, and the retail price you sell (minus the transaction fee and the credit card fees) bringing your personal total discount up of an average of 30%.

2 - Your own Product Sales

You can feature your own products on your bookstore. You can sell them on your site and ship them as your orders come in.

30fold compensates members for product sales via a choice of compensation plans - designed to suit your specific business objectives.

3 - Variety Store Sales

For those bookstores that choose to enroll in the Variety Store option, you can add a number of general products to your online store. These products are designed to offer you outstanding profitability and revenue generating potential beyond those available on books, music and giftware. Participation in the variety store option is completely optional. There is no extra cost to you for owning and operating your own Variety Store.

4 - Enrolling New Stores

An optional plan that allows those bookstore members who wish to enroll other bookstores to earn additional income!

Each Member may earn money in four ways.

Retail sales profits from their personal Retail Center (store) 10-10-10 first 3 levels **Contact this story owner for more details $50 immediate income on each new Online 30fold bookstore sold. True Infinity Pool sharing bonus commission plan

Your Direct Retail Sales Income Streams

Each member in good standing can generate Retail profit by:

Selling books and other goods from their bookstore (you set your own retail margin, up to 22%) Selling 30FOLD products from the Variety store (Retail margin approximately 15%) Selling Bookstores: $50 for each bookstore sold True infinity commission bonus plan.

How do I make money with the service?

By Building your network

Most highly successful organizations in the world work to some extent on the principles of networking. Large corporations network among themselves, forming partnerships that are mutually beneficial. In II Timothy 2:2 we read, "And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also." So even the Church is build on the concept of person to person relationship building. Another important principle in New Testament church building is the concept of "making disciples". Together, these ideas form the core activities that took the church from a handful of Jewish believers to a movement that "turned the world upside down".

At 30fold, we employ these same Biblical concepts to business. Individuals, just like you, who are looking for an opportunity to grow financially simply share what they have learned, and in doing so new bookstore owners are "born". When you sell a bookstore in this fashion part of your job is to then coach that new store owner in the things you have been taught. For this you are compensated with a $50 fast-start bonus. You can also qualify to earn an additional $10 on the new store you have helped create as well as on stores sold one and two levels below you. By simply selling a few stores per month and teaching each of them to do the same; can you see how your income can quickly multiply?

But simply selling stores and building your network is only a part of the picture, because as your network grows you are building a a chain of outlets for Christian products, as well as variety store products on which you can earn override commissions. To learn more about that compensation contact me below . In this way you are participating in the re-direction of profits away form corporate coffers and back into the Christian community. By building an ever expanding network of outlets your opportunity to earn a substantial income increases dynamically.

Your store is able to sell products directly from our partner distribution warehouses. Your buy rate is the standard wholesale purchase rate from our distribution partners including our preferred partner, Anchor Distribution. On average 90% of the items provided in the Christian bookstore service are made available to you at a 42% discount from the Recommended Retail Price. In addition the following fees apply:

30fold Transaction Fee equal to 10% of the recommended retail price for the full order

Credit card processing / Merchant fees

The consumer retail discount level can be customized by each online store. You are free to select the discount you wish to sell at, from 0% to 22% of retail. The retail discount level can be set as a uniform rate for all products, or can be set by product category - for example you may sell everything at say a 10% discount, except Bibles at 20% and Jewelry at 25%. Our flexible pricing model allows you to choose how you sell products. The difference between your buy price and your sell price is your profit. You must also take into account the 30fold Transaction Fee, credit card processing fees and any coupons you have created.

Ready To Get Started?


For a one time cost of $198, and a $9.95 monthly maintenance fee, you get:

Your own online customizable Christian bookstore business/ministry started

The possibility to Earn $60 commission (Fast Start+ override) for each bookstore you sell

To qualify to earn an additional $10 on each bookstore sold in your second and third generations

To qualify to share in a 20% of business volume pool on every bookstore sold in your organization

To earn between 5% and 30% commission on product sales from your bookstore

To earn 15% retail on what people buy from your Variety Store

To share in 50% payout of business volume on what people buy from all Variety Stores in your organization

To save an average of 30% on all your Bible, Christian book, music and video purchases with no limit

To earn residual income in the years to come as your business network and 30fold continue to grow, allowing you to supplement or replace present incomes.

Free training and support – Independent but never alone.

To be part of a constantly growing and expanding Christian Community and Network.


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