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JLR Contracts can offer concrete polishing across all sectors of the residential, commercial & industrial markets. Whether aesthetics is the most important factor or working to a budget is more important, JLR will be able to assist in helping you with your project. We can work directly with the architects, designers and client to deliver the desired result. From the outset and startup of JLR Contracts, we have always used the HUSQVARNA SUPERFLOOR™ (Husqvarna Hiperfloor) process, as well as their machinery and diamond tooling etc. Several years ago, Husqvarna joined forces with HTC, another world-renowned manufacturer of equipment, diamond tooling and also their Superfloor™ process. Together they formed a partnership bringing you the best equipment, tooling and processes together, leading to the new HUSQVARNA SUPERFLOOR™ process, with results second to none.

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