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Idea Development

IDEA Development is an entrepreneurial, multi-disciplined land and real estate development company strategically focused on viable, eco-balanced and culturally responsive large-scale land development. The Company identifies, creates, promotes and realizes projects.IDEA’s mission is to create value, profit and capital appreciation for its shareholders and investors through:- the DEVELOPMENT OF NEW TOWNS, - the REGENERATION OF DEVASTATED URBAN AREAS, and - the RESTORATION AND REVITALIZATION OF HISTORIC COMMUNITIESTowards this end IDEA applies innovative approaches to large-scale land development that match and mate physical and socio-economic development to create underlying and sustainable bases for its projects while incrementally exploiting a project’s full value-chain to dramatically increase its worth. In addition IDEA utilizes its projects as platforms from which to spin-off profitable on-going down-stream business ventures. IDEA implements development strategies that fuse and capitalize on the powers and authorities of the public sector, the professional and entrepreneurial skills and interests of the private sector and the financing capabilities of the international investment community in ways that result in investor-friendly climates through which development will more easily and more rapidly take place. IDEA allies with key organizations and individuals throughout the world that complement and have synergy with IDEA’s aims, objectives and working practices.