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ICM Asset Management, Inc.

ICM is a national money management firm with a comprehensive investment team that specializes in a range of investment styles including ultra small-cap, small-cap value, small- to mid-cap value, and large-cap/globally dominant equity, as well as a range of fixed income and liquidity management products.

ICM Asset Management has been built on the belief that by adhering to sound value practices and employing a disciplined process based on strong fundamental research, you outperform other investment styles over time. Smaller cap stocks are more inefficiently followed by the market. This provides us with more opportunity to use our research capabilities to exploit those market inefficiencies created by false short term perceptions or lack of research coverage. By looking for under valued companies with strong or improving financial positions, an identifiable catalyst for change, and in many cases that benefit from an international exposure to the global economic expansion; we will maximize returns in our small-cap and small-to mid-cap strategies. We opportunistically construct focused portfolios for our clients that cover a broad range of value companies. By utilizing a combination of top down and bottom up research we are better able to evaluate sectors and find individual companies that meet our criteria. We believe that by incorporating a repeatable, disciplined research process, combined with a sophisticated value added trading operation, we will provide our clients with investment results they expect and deserve over the long term. 

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