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Chiropractic offering patient and the Worcester community education of how to prevent chronic degeneration, pain and suffering & achieve wellness. Also serving Worcester, Auburn, Holden, Paxton, Charlton, Oxford, Grafton, Millbury and Sutton. Chiropractic uses the bodies natural ability to heal itself. By correcting vertebral joint alignment and biomechanics we take pressure off the life force and healing potential that runs through your central nervous system. The power that made the body heals the body. It just makes sense that if the CNS communicates with every cell and organ in your body it will naturally function better if all pressure is relieved from it. Spinal Kinesiopathology: Improper position and motion of spinal bones Neuropathophysiology: Nerve damage Myopathology: Muscle damage Histopathology: Tissue damage Pathophysiology: Spinal bone decay
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210 Highland St, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States,
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